July 20, 2018

We've partnered with Track Day Tire to provide you a 10% discount on Hoosier R7 and A7 tires.  Not only that, you get discounted shipping of a flat-rate of $20 per tire.

Use code PNPVIP at checkout to get your discount!

We got introduced to Hoosier tires when time-trialing our Porsche GT3.  What a difference!  There's a reason people call Hoosiers "black crack."  They are addictive.  Compared to street tires, Hoosier's provide otherworldly grip.  At any given track, compared to our favorite track-appropriate street tire, the Bridgestone RE71-R, Hoosiers will instantly knock 4-5 seconds off your lap times on a 2-minute lap (around 5% faster).