About Us


We had no intention of starting another business.  But when we inadvertently stumbled into Protect ‘n Peel, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves.  It’s too good – we had to share.

We’re both adrenaline junkies.  We love extreme action sports, and racing cars is the newest on our list of endorphin-generating-helmet-wearing adventures.  We bought our first Porsche in 2015, and to learn more about driving the car to (and beyond) its limits, we participated in PCA’s Performance Driving School.  We’ve been careening down the slippery slope of race-car addiction ever since. It took just a few autocrosses after which we’d spend hours cleaning cone marks off the car, until we realized that our clear bra wasn’t enough.  We started masking the beautiful car in blue tape – you know how great that looks and how much of a pain it is to apply – and then discovered the better-looking-but-outrageously-expensive-and-time-consuming clear vinyl tape.  Bryan knew there had to be a better way, and began looking into chemicals used for commercial paint and window protection.  And there it was.  We tweaked the formula to find just the right blend of peelability and protection, and Protect ‘n Peel was born. 

The last thing we need in our busy lives is a new “project.”  But Protect ‘n Peel is truly a game-changer when it comes to combining protection, time savings, and cost efficiencies.  We felt compelled to spread the word – we hope you love it as much as we do.

Learn more about us by listening to Ross Bentley's "Speed Secrets" podcast!  Air date May 31, 2018:  https://podcast.speedsecrets.com  

Danna and Bryan Van Noy