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Commonly asked questions

The thicker you apply it, the easier it is to peel off Protect ‘n Peel, so we recommend 2-3. THICK coats are essential!  You shouldn't be able to see your paint underneath the white product if you do it right - it should be opaque.  This is critical to make it easy to peel.  If it's too thin when it dries, it will peel off in small chunks.  If you put 3 thick coats on, it will peel easily as long as your paint is completely cool and in the shade. You do not need to let it completely dry in between coats – just give it about 10 minutes of dry time before starting the new coat.

Using 2-3 coats per track event, 1 bottle should take care of about 3 events.

A clear bra is great – but it doesn’t make clean-up any easier, and rocks and debris can still penetrate it and damage your paint.  Putting Protect ‘n Peel over a clear bra gives you extra protection and makes clean-up a breeze.

As long as you'd like!  It won't hurt the paint.

It's best to apply it in the shade - about 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s easiest to peel off if it’s a little on the cool side and in the shade.  About 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit will give you the best peel.

Sure!  You can use a high-pressure hose or just any ol' hose and sponge it off if you prefer that to peeling.

Yep!  For one, avoid the “seams” – like the gap between the hood and the body of the car.  One of our users recommended taping them off.  Also, when you paint it on, try to create a “raised” or “beaded” outline on the perimeter of your protected area.  This will give you a better way to grab an edge and peel it up.

It depends on whether you’re in the sun or shade, how humid it is, and how warm it is.  In the sun at 70 degrees, it should turn from white to clear in about 45 minutes.  Once completely clear, it's dry.  It will continue to cure for about 24 hours, resulting in optimal protection.

Yep.  That was our complaint about them, too.  That's why we've spent the last year finding just the right combination of peelability and durable protection.

Get out and drive, of course!  

It all depends on how you apply it and at what temperature you peel it.  This is THE MOST IMPORTANT SECTION.  1) Apply 2-3 very thick coats.  Be generous.  It should be white, opaque when wet.  Thicker is better.  Try it on a small section of your hood to test.  2) ONLY peel it when your vehicle is completely cool and in the shade, no hotter than 70 degrees F.  If it's too hot, it won't peel.  It will stretch and be too elastic.  If you applied it too thinly, it can tear in small pieces.  If you apply it THICK and remove in the shade, it works great.