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"I didn't think I needed Protect 'n Peel because I have a clear bra.  But after trying it once, I'm hooked.  Never again will I spend hours taping or scrubbing my car.  Just a few minutes painting it on, and I'm set for the track - I leave it on till I take it off the trailer and love the feeling of seeing my pristine paint in just a matter of minutes."

Daniel R. - Temecula, CA


"This stuff is the real deal! I usually roll on a few layers the night before race day. Super easy to to apply, goes on clear, and acts as a bulletproof vest for my car - protects from cone scuffs, dirt, debris, little rocks, or whatever else may get kicked up on the track. My favorite part is peeling it off after a full day of driving. Easy to remove, and takes all that dirt/debris with it. Overall, awesome product! Plus, it looks way better than sticking a bunch of bright blue track tape on your car."

Justin Shriber - New York


"I put it on my Jeep before off-roading.  We drive a lot of fire roads and gravel to get to the trails and we need protection for our custom paint job.  We paint it on the night before and it takes two thick coats, then we're good to go.  The Jeep comes back a mess, but this stuff peels off and the paint is clean underneath."

Andrew - Big Bear