Paint-Roller Kit - FREE standard shipping

  • SORRY - Temporarily sold out in our store due to higher-than-expected, sudden demand, but this item is on Amazon.  Search for product code PNP-2SL.  We'll have these back in stock in about a week.  
  • 4" Mohair paint-roller brush - highest quality, safest brush to use on any paint or clear bra
  • Pour Protect 'n Peel into tray.  Use roller brush to "paint" the liquid directly onto paint or clear bra.  Apply generously.  Thicker is better!  See our video on "How to use!"
  • Rinse brush thoroughly with a hose.  The brush head will spin quickly, allowing all Protect 'n Peel to fly off.  Get it completely clean and let dry to reuse.  The fun part?  Allow Protect 'n Peel to dry completely inside the tray; then just peel it out and reuse!